Making ‘32 Frames from the North of Italy’

Today, I’m announcing the release of ‘32 Frames from the North of Italy’, my second book of photographs. Comprised (as the title suggests) of thirty-two black and white photographs captured during a week’s travels from Pisa to Lake Garda, it serves as both a concise travelogue and an… read more

Instagram is just more photography

Is Instagram the death or saviour of photography? It’s neither. And it’s certainly not ‘more radical’ than the invention of photography itself. Instagram is just more photography. There’s something disconcerting about the above-linked article’s claim that ‘After nearly 200 years, photography is realising its potential.’ As… read more

Identity and the amateur

You can’t wear glasses or smile in Canadian passport photos, so here I am looking like a blind ruffian. Identity is, thankfully, a malleable thing. My own has shifted a lot in the past year. Rediscovering my love of photography in 2015, I didn’t expect how fundamentally it… read more

Film as a medium of truth

It’s not uncommon to hear some photographers claim that images appear more ‘real’ when photographed with film, or that digital photography is by its nature a dishonest form of image-making. In our generation of excessively retouched magazine-cover portraits, the transformative power of digital image manipulation has become common knowledge.… read more

The 16 Unix Rules of CSS

I love the Unix philosophy. It places importance on the creation of small, useful programs that can work well on their own or together with other programs. The philosophy also makes clear that these modular programs should be easy to use and repurpose by developers other than their creators. As… read more

For Light and Time

The following article details the background to my latest album of music, published today. During the latter half of 2015, I began searching for new ways to approach composition and tonality within my work in music. I’ve been producing long-form, minimalist music of one variety or another for the… read more

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